From Vermeister PRIMER SF, THE ONLY moisture barrier with unbeatable characteristics.


· Low environmental impact with EC1 certification


· Solvent-free


· Highly resistant to humidity


· Low viscosity for deeper penetration


· Grease-free surface for perfect adhesion


Single component water and solvent-free polyurethane primer.

The low level viscosity and high level penetration make the primer suitable for consolidating and waterproofing concrete and anhydrite screeds with just one coat. It is recommended especially for screeds with built-in heating. The EC1 classification certifies the very low emission of volatile organic substances both during application and when the floor is in use. Being solvent-free, it is safe for transport and storage (non-inflammable product) and during use (odourless, it can also be used in the vicinity of occupied rooms). Compared with products containing water, PRIMER SF offers a far higher coverage and does not increase the moisture of the screed.




Viscosity (Ford cup Æ= 4) 30 sec

Specific weight 1.130 Kg/dm3

Completely dry 24 hours

Method of application Roller, brush

Average coverage per coat (g/m2) 150/250

Stability and storage (in original unopened containers stored in a cool, dry place) 12 months

Calculated VOC g/lt 0


Standard size (Kg) 12




The subfloor must be free of substances that act as a separating agents (oils, greases, paints….) and it must have a suitable surface finish.

If the screed is too smooth, it must be made rougher with a steel brush or another method to facilitate the penetration of PRIMER SF.

Apply a first uniform coat of undiluted product with a roller or a brush. For screeds with an average porosity, with the presence of a steam barrier and a residue humidity below 2.8% the application of about 150-200 g/sq. m. of PRIMER SF is sufficient for consolidation and damp-proofing. In the case of particularly porous screeds or particularly high levels of moisture, a second coat of product should be applied within a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 24 hours. After 24 hours, the floor can be laid using our epoxy-polyurethane (REPOX/ZERO%), polyurethane (POLICOLL/UNICOL MF) and silanic termination (MONOSIL) adhesives. If a surface film should form, sand must be scattered over the primer while it is still wet. Once the primer has dried, the excess sand must be removed. If this operation is not carried out and if more than 48 hours have gone by since the application of the last coat, the primer must be sanded before the wood floor is glued into place. 

Do not replace any leftover product in the container!

Product subject to the restrictions prescribed by Decree Law 161/06 – (Dir. 2004/42/EC)

Store above freezing!

















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